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Assortment of Nature - Variety Pack of Mix Nuts

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Nature’s Garden nuts are one the best go-to snack foods because they’re simple to pack, don’t have to be cooked or cooled, and easily mix with a variety of other foods. They’re satiating, with a high protein and healthy unsaturated fat content, while also satisfyingly crunchy and flavorful. You can’t go wrong! Nuts can get a bad rap because of their high calorie count per serving, but I think you’ll feel better about munching on trail mix instead of downing another disappointing bag of nutritionally void snack foods. They’re a high-quality energy source!

I’m a firm believer that if you surround yourself with good food, you will eat good food… even at the office or school! There are always temptations, and nowhere does this seem to be truer than at work—the combination of stress, boredom, and just having sneaky snacks in front of you can lead to a lot of extra bites throughout the day. So stock your desk (and ideally your fridge, too!) on your own with some of these goodies, and say goodbye to mindless munching of office-supplied treats all day long.

Stocking Stuffers for Christmas - Cristalinas

If you like watching your loved ones digging into the Christmas stockings and pulling little wrapped presents out and unwrapping them one by one... If you think that is a joy not to be missed, then consider giving them a potpourri of scents from Cristalinas to brighten every minute of their daily lives: fresh smell [...]

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Hardtogetitems Furniture Wax & Tips on Caring for Wood With BRIWAX

Furniture Wax & Tips on Caring for Wood FurnitureFor centuries, wax has been recognized for its natural protective qualities. Used throughout history by craftsmen, wax provides surface protection and enhances the inherent beauty of wood. Furniture wax should never be considered a protective finish, but rather as a protective barrier, providing added wax protection to [...]

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Why Milsek One Step Stainless Steel Cleaner is Best For All Your Stainless Steel

Fighting dirty fingerprints, watermarks, grease, stains, soap residue, and mineral deposits on your stainless steel is a tough enough chore. But sadly, many of today’s cleaning agents with ammonia, bleach, or vinegar make it even worse. These cleaning agents can actually dull and even corrode stainless steel or chrome. Not to mention, there’s usually several [...]

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A Legacy of Fine Wood Care Products…

In 1860, Henry Flack began blending waxes and manufacturing polishes in East London. The wood wax and polishes were so superior that they earned recognition by the British Crown. His business was acquired by the J. W. Bollom & Co. in 1961 and since then the brand has gone from strength to strength in both [...]

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BRIWAX Toulene Free Differences

What is the Difference BetweenBriwax Original Formula and Briwax Toluene Free Formula?The Briwax Original formula contains the solvent Toluene and the Toluene Free formula contains the solvents Xylene and Naphtha. Solvents are necessary in the formulation of Briwax because without them Briwax would just be a hard chunk of wax, almost unusable.Toluene has a high [...]

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Bissell BigGreen Commercial Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper -- A great in-between clean

Battery-powered sweeper with cordless convenience for quick pick-upsWireless admiration. BISSELL Big Green Commercial Rechargeable Cordless sweeper is designed for a quick clean-up. For those times when a vacuum is too inconvenient and a broom is too time consuming, reach for the Bissell BG9100NM Cordless Sweeper, I love all its features:Up to 90 minutes of cordless cleaning time – I [...]

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The Advantages and Benefits of Reed Diffuser

NATURAL, ELEGANT & SAFE -  The reed diffuser will become your favorite way to fragrance your home; it does not need to be lit and can decorate any space, leaving your home smelling fresh over three months.Advantages No flame or heat required Unlike candles, the reed diffuser does not require a flame, making it a much safer way [...]

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Finding Your Thimble Size

So we carry thimbles, but of course, some folks don't quite know what their sizing is. No need to worry! Just follow the instructions and you'll be sewing away in no time.Using a piece of thread or thin wool or a thin strip of paper, wrap it gently but snugly (not tight, and not loose) [...]

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"How To" Care for your disposer -

             Have you ever noticed an unpleasant smell in your kitchen coming from the garbage disposer? The cause is waste build-up that doesn't get removed during normal disposer use. To deal with this problem, many home owners have resorted to home remedies like ice and lemon peels to no avail. Rest assured, there is a solution. Disposer [...]

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