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CAPE COD Horse Hair Brush is made with 100% horse hair bristles. This brush is great for removing polish and excess oxidation from difficult to reach places and any sort of metalwork with an intricate pattern without scratching your watch.

What's interesting about the detail brush is the more that you use it the better it works ! The best way to use the detail brush is to apply a Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloth over the surface of the detail work and then use the brush to work it into the crevices. After utilizing the brush in this manner a few times the brush will darken, this is a good thing. When the brush darkens it means the polish has saturated the bristles and you can then use the brush by itself without the polish.


  • Safe, soft & gentle to use.
  • Great for removing polish and excess oxidation
  • Cleans intricate, detailed, complicated & small patterns
  • Removes dirt from hard-to-reach places easily
  • Without scratching your watch, jewelry & precious metal
  • Used by watch collector, silversmiths and jewelers worldwide.
  • Made in America
Brand Cape Cod
Weight 0.25 lb
Product Type Brush
Collections Cape Cod Home & Garden Metal Care

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