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FRANKE Inox Cream is a specially formulated product ideal for cleaning the exclusive range of stainless steel sinks from FRANKE. Easy to use, this burnish restores the sheen and brightness of the metal sink and makes it look as good as new. Now shine your sinks without any hassle with this 8.5 oz tube of FRANKE Inox Cream.

Here is a quick How to Use:

  • Take a damp and clean cloth and squeeze some Inox cream over it.
  • Apply the FRANKE stainless steel cleaner over the surface of the object and let it settle for a couple of minutes.
  • Now simply rinse it away with water and wipe and scrub the sink with dry cloth.

Exclusive Features:

  • Expert formula for Inox Crème from FRANKE
  • Advanced polish for restoring lustre to stainless steel sinks
  • Capacity: 8.5 oz in a single tube
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