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Use It Everywhere: Perfect for industrial, automotive, marine and household applications!

Lube-It All 6 ounce Aerosol Deep Powerful Lubricant spreads deep and leaves behind a long-lasting clear, dry film that reduces wear and friction. It is used for protecting parts and machines from corrosion and moisture. Perfect for automotive, industrial, marine and household applications. Displaces water: does not conduct electricity on switches, solenoids or PC boards. Penetrates: delivers a lubricating coating to assembled parts and other obstructed surfaces. Protects: displaces and repels moisture, up to 1,200 times its volume in water on surfaces. Lubricates: forms a thin, dry coating to reduce friction and extend the life of parts.

  • Contains Molybdenumdisulphide for superior lubricating performance!
  • Silicone free deep lubricating oil
  • Forms a thin, dry lubricant coating to reduce friction
  • Displaces 1,200 times its volume in water on surfaces and repels moisture to prevent corrosion
  • Does not attract dust
  • Penetrates through fine gaps to deliver coating to assembled parts and obstructed surfaces
  • Can be used on electrical, metal and plastic surfaces, rotating parts and gears
  • Temperature Range: -300ºF to 450ºF (-184ºC to 232ºC)
Brand Gasoila
Barcode NA
Weight 0.95 lb
Product Type Lubricating Oil
Collections Car Care Car Maintenance Supplies Gasoila

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