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Placed under each corner, these "shock absorbers" dramatically reduce vibration and noise. Protect your floors, too. Set of 4 pads.

Engineered to reduce noise, vibration, pulsating washing machine from walking, maintenance costs. For use on washers and dryers. Made from recycled tire rubber. Shock absorption pad that is used to reduce sound, vibration and pulsating of washing machines. To install, slide Vibe Away, textured side facing up, under each corner of equipment for maximum performance.

How To Use Them:

Make sure that your washing machine, table saw or freezer is sitting on a level surface before setting up the pads. To install them, simply slide one VibeAway under each corner of your equipment. Have someone else lift up each corner as you slide in the pads one at a time. The textured side should be facing up, and the foot of the appliance should rest inside the recessed, inner circle. Be sure that the pads do not move or turn under the feet to ensure that they are secure. It may be required to adjust the feet somewhat to hold the pads steadfast to the floor. That's it. it's that simple. Once installed, your VibeAway pads will last forever, and require no maintenance.


  • Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads, set of 4 pads
  • Engineered To Reduce Noise, Vibration, And Pulsating
  • For Use On Most Washers And Dryers
  • Protect floors
  • Made from 100% recycled tire rubber, address important environmental concerns
Brand VibeAway
Weight 0.0 lb
Product Type Prevent Movement & Noise
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