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The Effort-Less Birdfeeder features a feed tube that raises and lowers on a center pole with the simple pull of a pin making it easy to refill and clean. The two feed trays attract a wide variety of birds. Tubular feeder can store up to 13 cups of bird food and it is made of UV resistant poly-carbonate plastics. This means the plastic tube does not get blurred in the sunlight after some time.The lower tray also helps catch the mess that birds make while eating, making for a cleaner, healthier environment. Both trays have ample drainage holes to allow the seed to dry out after heavy rains, and the custom-fitted squirrel guard will keep the critters from climbing up to the seed.


  • Easy refilling and cleaning
  • Upper and lower feed trays, funnel feature, feed tube, easy to keep clean
  • Slides up and down the center pole for easy refilling, eliminating reaching and bending
  • Squirrel guard inhibits critters from climbing up to trays
  • Funnel shaped opening on the feed tube makes refilling neater and reduces spillage
  • Free standing, heavy duty base
Brand Zenith Innovations
Weight 20.0 lb
Product Type Bird Feeder
Collections Home & Garden Zenith Innovations

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