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A-MAZE-NHome & Garden

A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker Maze - Smoke For Up-To 12 Hours

The A-MAZE-N 5x8 inches smoker maze is light weight, durable and portable smoke generator, that it’s designed to burn pellets or sawdust. It can produce smoke during cold smoking and...
A-MAZE-NHome & Garden

A-MAZE-N ProductS Smoker Combo Pack 6'' Tube, Pellets & Starter Gel - Combo6

The A-MAZE-N Combo pack includes a 6" tube, pellets, and a starter gel. Turn any grill into a BBQ smoker. The 6" tube smoker will burn up to 2 hours,...
A-MAZE-NHome & Garden

A-Maze-N Premium Wood Bbq Pellets

The A-MAZE-N pellets are made of 100% flavor wood. Each wood flavor is 100% natural with no added filler, binders, or oils. You place these pellets into one of the...
A-MAZE-NHome & Garden

A-MAZE-N Products Tube Pellet Smoker EXPANDABLE TUBE 12" - 18"

Turn any grill into a BBQ smoker. The tube smoker will burn up to 4 hours, depending on the smoker temps, type of pellets and draft inside your smoker. The smoker...