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LEd Flashlight – Police Security Five.0 Tactical Flashlight With Strobe Mode

The Heavy duty 3AAA Sceptor has unique convex lens and a twist handle focus beam takes light from flood to beam. Soft Switch button for seamless mode transition. Includes 3AAA...
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Police Security Sleuth Black 2AA CREE LED Flashlight

The Sleuth packs serious lumens in a lightweight aluminum body. An industrial clip is ideal for those who prefer to clip their flashlight to their shirt or pants pocket. CREE...
Police SecurityTools

Police Security Zephyr CREE LED Black 3AAA, 250 Lumens

Design meets innovation with the Zephyr™! The sleek body style uses CREE®LED creating a bright 250 Lumens. Soft Switch™ allows seamless transition through five settings; High, Medium, Low, Flash, and...
Police SecurityTools

Police Security Trac-Tact CREE LED Flashlight 2AA, 230 Lumen with Red & White Light

Featuring CREE LED, the Trac-Tact 2AA delivers 230 lumens on high and up to 4 hours run time. 2AA Trac-Tact also features UV, highlighting the color red, and a red...
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Trac-Tact 3C Ultra Bright CREE T6 LED 580 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Water Resistant Adjustable Focus 5 Light Modes for Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Featuring the latest CREE®LED , the Trac-Tact 3C™ delivers a powerful 580 lumens on high and up to 11 hours run time. Trac-Tact 3C™ also features UV, highlighting the color...
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Police Security Blackout LED Headlamp - 465 Lumen 99434

The Police Security Blackout™ brings performance and comfort together in our Elite headlamp! CREE®LED powers an ultra bright 465 Lumens with an impressive 7 hour run time means you don't...
Connector 150 Lumens Headlamp Smart LED Series
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Connector 150 Lumens Headlamp Smart LED Series

Count on Police Security Connectors's Headlamp for 150 lumens of hands-free illumination in all weather conditions. It uses the SMART LED Collection that stands apart from the competition with the...
The Extreme CAGE LED Flashlight The Extreme CAGE LED Flashlight
Police SecurityTools

The Extreme CAGE LED Flashlight

The innovative new Extreme CAGE is the best choice for adventurous people of all ages, because of its 3D SHOCK SYSTEM™. Engineered to withstand everything from life’s little tumbles to...
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Police Security Little Nellie 3D Black Elite CREE LED Flashlight - 900 Lumen

CREE LED delivers an impressive 900 lumens while 3D Police Security Alkaline batteries provide an 11 hour runtime. The industrial aluminum body features a strike bezel head & comfort grip....