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Artevasi Rimini 20 inch Rectangular Premium Indoor Self-Watering Planter with built-in unique H2o system takes a lot of guesswork out of keeping plants properly hydrated. Designed for outdoor use, this planter is constructed of sturdy, shatterproof, and UV-resistant polyethylene. This self-watering planter has a built-in sub-irrigation system that allows plants to draw up water as needed.


  • Self-watering planter designed for outdoor use
  • Fill tube with water level indicator
  • Built-in sub-irrigation system lets plants draw water as needed
  • Shatterproof, UV-resistant polyethylene
  • Timeless elegant design
  • High quality
  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Impact and UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made in Portugal


After assembling the Rimini H2o system in accordance with the included instruction you can start planting. For the first watering, pour the water directly over the soil itself and monitor the water level through the level indicator. Thereafter you should keep the level of the water reservoir controlled by pouring water directly through the filling tube.

The green level indicator allows you to see the green water level and shows the recommended minimum and maximum levels of water using the blue lines on the crystal clear tube. When it reaches the maximum level that means that doesn’t require more water. With this system the plant manage it’s own intake.

Brand Artevasi
Weight 6.0 lb
Product Type Planter
Collections Artevasi Home & Garden

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