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Gizli Bahce (Secret Garden) New Generation Air Freshener creates a clean, healthy, and safe environment by neutralizing the bacteria that cause bad smells with its specially developed superior performance and powerful formula. It brings an air of cleanliness and hygiene to all areas of the room by ensuring a long-lasting anti-bacterial effect. This innovative product sets itself apart from counterparts with its double-effect formula that provides a pleasant scent for all areas of the room with newly-developed fragrances including Spring Freshness.

While being named the Secret Garden New Generation Air Freshener due to its advanced microbiological activity, it also creates stimulating and pleasant-smelling environments by spreading the fresh scent of nature around all areas of residence.

  • Clean odors out and invite freshness in by neutralizing the bacteria that cause bad smells
  • Creates a clean, healthy and safe environment for your home
  • Preventing the occurrence of bacteria causing bad odors and the effect of providing long-lasting refreshment
  • Comes in a non-aerosol air freshener bottle.
  • Can be used in homes/apartments with pets, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, environments, such as laundry, fabric surfaces and in cars, water system vacuum cleaner and air conditioning filter.
  • Size: 500 ML / 16.9oz

Ingredients: Alcohol, PoliHegzamethylenebiguanide Hydrochloride 20% Aqua, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castro Oil, Parfum

Directions for use: Spritz in any room for instant freshening. Avoid spraying directly on finished wood surfaces. The product can be used liberally on where there are domestic animals, on surfaces such as carpets, curtains, bed covers, linen and fabric, air-conditioners, garages, offices and in the car.

Brand Eyup Sabri Tuncer
Barcode 8691685000939
Weight 1.5 lb
Product Type Air Freshener
Collections Air Fresheners Air Fresheners Closet Air Fresheners Spray Eyup Sabri Tuncer Home & Garden

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