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Artisan Graffiti Remover in 32 oz. removes if you have markings on your stone or masonry surfaces from spray paints, lacquers, permanent markers, ink, and adhesives. This is a water-based remover that does not contain any NMP. Since there is a wide variation in the quality and condition of stone and masonry, and it is often impossible to know all the conditions of the surface before cleaning. A test area must be done before general use.

  • Safely removes graffiti from permanent graffiti barrier coatings
  • Removes marker, spray paint and ink from hard or soft surfaces
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable, it does not contain harsh chemicals like Methylene Chloride and NMP
  • Used to safely remove graffiti from Artisan and other non-sacrificial coatings
  • Commonly used to clean residential and commercial properties, as well as municipal walls, architectural fixtures, vehicles and street signs
  • Ready-to use formula works faster than solvent based graffiti removers
  • Made inn the USA
  • Includes one 32-ounce trigger spray bottle
Brand Artisan
Barcode 703123674324
Weight 2.81 lb
Product Type Anti Graffiti
Collections Anti Graffiti Artisan Home & Garden Stone Care

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