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Bluette functions as a laundry whitener because a trace of blue in the wash will enhance white and light-colored articles, making them appear whiter and brighter. It works because of an optical illusion called irradiation. Try Bluette for whiter whites. It is safe and gentle even on delicate fabrics. Laundry bluing is added to the detergent at the start of the wash cycle - unlike other laundry products that are added during the final rinse cycle.

Laundry Bluing for Whiter Whites: Try Bluette Laundry Bluing for whiter whites and brighter colors! How? The trace of blue included in the wash will enhance white and light-colored articles of clothing, making them appear whiter and brighter.

Safe & Gentle Whitener: Wash your clothes delicately? Don’t worry. Bluette Laundry Bluing is a very gentle whitener which is perfectly safe for treating delicate fabrics, synthetics, sheets, and more in the washing machine. Won’t harm fibers like bleach can.

Convenient to Use: Bluette Laundry Bluing is easy and convenient to use. Just add the indicated amount at the beginning of the wash cycle.

Trusted for Generations: Bluette Laundry Bluing has been relied on as a high quality laundry bluing & detergent for generations.

Key Features

  • For whiter whites.
  • Laundry pretreat
  • Laundry Whitener, 16 Oz. / 32 Oz.
  • Formulation Type Concentrated
  • Gentle enough even for delicate fabrics.
  • Trace of blue enhances white and light-colored articles.
  • Bluette is manufactured and distributed in the United States.
Brand Malco Products
Barcode 785923335360
Weight 1.01 lb
Product Type Laundry Detergent
Collections Cleaning Supply Malco Products Sale

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