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Stone surfaces can really be a pain to clean. This Granite and Marble Polishing Wax cleans surfaces made of granite, marble, quarry tiles, as well as terracotta. It takes about thirty minutes to set in. After that, just wipe it away to reveal a beautifully polished surface underneath!


  • This product can make surfaces quite slippery after application. Special attention should be paid when the product is applied on stairways and floors.
  • If this polishing wax meets water after it has been applied to a specific area, it will leave unwanted marks.
  • Dries in 30 minutes.

Directions: Apply with a brush, clean rag or #0000 steel wool. Allow wax to dry and buff to a soft sheen.

Surface Preparation – Clean surfaces with detergent solution, rinse with clean water to provide a clean dry surface.

Cleaning – Use white spirit to clean equipment.

Brand Briwax
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Product Type Stone Cleaner
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