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Whirlaway is a Whirlpool bath system cleaner and deodorizer formulated for the safe and efficient cleaning deodorizing and stain removal of internal bath circulation systems.

When used regularly Whirlaway eliminates odors and corrosion-causing sulfides and cleans internal piping of soap scum mineral deposits mold mildew algae and bath and body oils that cause bacteria growth. Using a cleaner on your whirlpool tub at least once a month is recommended to keep it clean and free of contamination.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 32 Oz. / 2 LBS
  • Whirlaway is environmentally safe 100% biodegradable.
  • Does not contain any chlorine compounds or hypochlorite bleaches.
  • Using a cleaner on your whirlpool tub at least once a month is recommended.
  • Can be safely used in all plumbing systems will not harm or mar acrylic fiberglass abs.
  • It solubilizes emulsifies contaminates such as soap scum bath oils body oils mold mildew etc.


  • Fill bath with hot water 12 above the highest jets
  • Turn on the circulation pump and slowly pour 8 ounces of Whirlaway near the suction intake.
  • Circulate solution for approximately 5 minutes
  • Turn off the pump and completely drain the tub
  • Refill the tub with cold water and circulate for 23 minutes
  • Drain the tub again System is now clean deodorized and ready to use.
Brand Chemique
Barcode 023731001245
Weight 5.0 lb
Product Type Bath Cleaner
Collections Bath & Shower Accessories Bathroom Accessories Chemique Shower, Toilet & Bath Cleaners

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