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These sets of eight white crackers are printed with a sheet music design and feature red foil end pieces and red bows at the gathers. Each 10-inch cracker contains a different pitched horn which allows you to create your own band. By using the included printed music, you can play both every day and Christmas songs. Originating in England more than 150 years ago, 'crackers' pull apart with a snap to reveal a surprise trinket inside.


  • Each of these 8 handmade party crackers comes with a hat, a joke and a whistle.
  • Each whistle plays a different note and has a number assigned to it.
  • Musical sheet music is enclosed so you can make music together.
  • You do not have to consider these crackers Christmas crackers only.
  • Use for any festive occasion year round. Fun and decorative party cracker are great for birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  • Made in England.
    Brand Robin Reed
    SKU RR-588
    Barcode 30189221
    Weight 1.0 lb
    Product Type Crackers

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