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This ultimate in moisture, odor, rust and corrosion elimination is a simple solution to a healthier home environment. MoldAway eliminates the moisture that mold needs to grow and is designed to reduce the risk presented by household molds by creating an environment unsuitable for mold growth and survival. It is environmentally safe, easy to use and works well for both residential and commercial properties.

MoldAway features a foil overwrap that protects the product from activating before use, indicator dots that turn from blue to pink when the product needs to be replaced. It contains natural ingredients that are safe, non-toxic and FDA approved.  The all-natural ingredients (clay and lime) absorb excess moisture, keeping humidity below 30% in confined areas. Each bag can last up to 3 months depending on your climate and amount of moisture in the confined area.


  • MoldAway eliminates the moisture that mold need to thrive
  • Musty odors are signs of potential mold problems in your home
  • MoldAway works well in residential and commercial properties
  • The foil overwrap protects the moisture absorber from activating before use.
  • A Humidity Indicator Card turns from blue to pink indicating the product needs to be replaced.
  • The materials stay in solid form, so there's no danger of leakage.
  • The container bag is fully leak-proof and retains all moisture inside
  • Environmentally safe and easy to use
  • Non-Toxic and contains natural ingredients
  • Package of three,  
  • 3 - 200 grams bag
Brand Desiccare
Weight 2.0 lb
Product Type Dust Remover
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