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Need to remove unsightly and unwanted graffiti without harming the environment? DWR-II's Graffiti Remover is perfect for your task. Tough marks or stains due to spills, graffiti, heal marks, etc., usually require heavy duty graffiti remover such as “DWR-II. The ultimate graffiti remover will dissolve and remove imbedded markings, defacements and adhesives from most smooth surfaces.

DWR-II can be used without harm to stone, brick, block, manufactured stone, general masonry, ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, non-anodized metal, stainless, glass, plastic, marble, wood and painted surfaces for the removal of graffiti. DWR II works best on smooth surfaces and those treated with CPU-66/3 and REPELZTM anti-graffiti additive.


  • A heavy-duty, water-rinseable cleaner and graffiti remover.
  • Does not contain any chlorinated solvents, caustics, or acids.
  • Environmentally safe
  • Use on vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless, glass, porcelain, formica, stone.
  • Does not require special handling or disposal procedures
  • Ready to use formula
  • 16 oz bottle
Brand Chemique
Barcode 023731022103
Weight 1.25 lb
Product Type Remover
Collections Chemique Home & Garden Kitchen Metal Care Tools & Accessories Wood Care

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