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This set is perfect as a delightful gift or for those who are interested in a range of different Eau de Cologne fragrance variants. Perfect to take home; this small glass bottle fits in any bag – in everyday life and for travel, it is practical and handy to quickly apply a few puffs of the fragrance.

Lemons from Cesme: From the gardens of the citrus fruits the perfume of this Eau de Colognes is perfected with a special dedication.

Amber: Embodying different flowers, this fragrance is incomparable and conjures a smile on your face.

Mandarins from Bodrum: The tangerine aroma gives this refreshing cologne a sweetish scent and makes it possible to visualize a warm, summery and lively atmosphere.

Sea breeze: When you look at the ocean, the senses are inspired by a refreshing breeze and a vivacious smell, the exact effect of this cologne.

Tobacco: The aroma of this Eau de Colognes is masculine and strong, and it appeals to those who have an extraordinary taste.

Brand Eyup Sabri Tuncer
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Product Type Cologne
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