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Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is a highly hard-wearing, non-yellowing and easy to apply finishing oil perfect for wooden floors, kitchen surfaces, children's toys, skirting, furniture, even unsealed terracotta and quarry tiles! A new range of 10 transparent tinted Hard Wax Oils have been formulated, offering excellent depth of color and clarity. Apply following guidelines above. A third and final coat of Clear Hard Wax Oil is advisable in areas subjected to heavy wear.


  • A blend of natural oils & waxes offering exceptional durability & resistance for internal natural wood flooring, kitchen worktops (wood) and areas subjected to a high degree of wear
  • Produces a quick drying, natural satin
  • Water repellent, 4 hours dry time and easy to apply
  • Tread-fast finishes that will not peel or flake
  • Conforms to EN71-3 safe for toys
  • 24 square meter per liter per coat and minimum two coats required


  • Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any previous finish. Sand, the substrate with a fine 150-grade. Sandpaper or sanding disc, removing all traces of dust.
  • Make sure the area is well-ventilated before application. Test on a small area before applying. No primer required. Maximum 2 coats recommended. Use at room temperature. NO THINNING REQUIRED.
  • First Coat- Stir contents before and during use, and apply in a warm, well-ventilated room. Apply THIN coat only using a quality synthetic brush or cloth, and lay EVENLY, following the direction of the grain. Make sure there is no extra material if so remove any excess material with a cloth as soon as possible. Leave to dry 4-6 hours in warm, dry well-ventilated conditions, or preferably overnight.
  • Second Coat- Application and drying instructions are the same as the first coat. Clean applicator with White Spirit. When the surface area is completely dry, a light buff will further enhance the sheen level.
  • Brand Fiddes
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    Product Type Wood Wax
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