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Franke FRX-02 Triflow Filter Replacement Cartridge With Lead Removal - FRX02


  • This Genuine Franke FRX02 Triflow Filter Replacement Cartridge Fits Filtration Systems Included With Franke Triflow Faucets
  • Reduces fine particulate matter and turbidity
  • Should be replaced every 6 mos to 1 year depending on water quality and usage
  • Life of the cartridge is 3,406 liters (900 gallons)
  • Enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties
  • Ion exchange resin for lead and heavy metal reduction
  • This cartridge is compatible with most Franke faucets including: DW100, DW180, TFC400CH, TFC480SN, TFC489SNBR, TFC490, TFN400, TFN470, TFN480, TFT300CH, TFT360, TFT370PN, TFT380SN, TFT389, TFT400CH, TFT460, TFT470PN, TFT480SN, TFT489SN, LB1000, LB1060, LB1070, LB1080, LB1090, LB2000, LB2060, LB2070, LB2080, LB2089, LB2090
Brand Franke
Barcode 28672048526
Weight 1.7 lb
Product Type Filter Replacement Cartridge
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