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Taking care of your home appliances was never this easier! This Perfect Stainless polish-cum-cleaner from The Hope Company is an ideal choice for cleaning the surface of your refrigerators, ovens, cook-tops, dishwashers, sinks, grills, etc. Use this exclusive product to bring back the sheen on stainless objects. HOPE's Perfect Stainless Cleaner and Polish does not leave any streak on the surface and gives it a uniform shine altogether. You don't even need to rinse it off with water. Just apply, let it set for a moment, and rub smoothly with a clean and dry cloth.

Feature highlights:

  • Cleans a range of stuff - refrigerators, ovens, stove-tops, dishwashers, barbeque grills, etc.
  • Gentle to non-stainless parts, like plastic handles and trim, of the stainless steel object
  • Auto-polishing formula enables quick wipe
  • Non-abrasive and maintains original finish
  • Removes fingerprints for a uniform lustre
  • Does not include any harsh chemicals
  • Imparts a light and pleasant odor
  • Capacity: 22 Oz in a single bottle
Brand Hope
Barcode 86205861
Weight 0.0 lb
Product Type Cleaner

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