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Summit Brands Super Iron Out removes rust and iron stains from clothes, laundry, toilets, sinks, tubs, dishwashers and exterior surfaces.

  • Super Iron Out 96% market share dominates the rust and stain remover category
  • Super Iron Out is a reducing agent that chemically changes rust into a clear, soluble state that easily rinses away without scrubbing
  • Best on rust stains for white clothes, toilets, sinks, tubs, dishwasher, exterior surfaces, and much more.
  • Made in USA.


5 LB Rust & Stain Remover, Removes Rust & Iron Stains Quickly & Easily From White Clothes, Laundry, Toilets, Sinks, Tubs, Dishwashers, Exterior Surfaces, & Much More, Also Keeps Water Softeners Clean & Operating At Peak Efficiency.

Brand Summit Brands
Barcode 76168000046
Weight 4.95 lb
Product Type Rust & Stain Remover
Collections Bathroom Accessories Home & Garden Kitchen Shower, Toilet & Bath Cleaners