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KRC-7 Protect is a water based surface guard and protectant for use in all glazed. polished, honed surfaces.KRC-7 is a safe, neutral pH, biodegradable protectant that imparts an invisible, protective shield on all smooth and polished surfaces. KRC-7 leaves a smudge-proof shield which dirt cannot penetrate. KRC-7 is resistant to finger marking, water spotting, dirt, hard water stains and fogging. KRC-7 is long lasting, will not discolor any surface and does not build-up after multiple uses. Applying KRC-7 PROTECT makes cleaning easier and can increase the time between cleanings. Use after cleaning with KRC-7 Bathroom Cleaner or KRC-7 Multi Surface Cleaner.


  • Protects and shields on all smooth and polished surfaces
  • Use after cleaning with KRC Bathroom Cleaner
  • Resistant to water spotting and hard water stain
  • Not to be used on floors
  • Capacity: 32oz spray
  • Made in USA
Brand Chemique
Barcode 23731789037
Weight 0.0 lb
Product Type Surface Guard
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