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The SumpJet (Model SJ10) is a water powered back-up sump pump that will protect your basement in the case of a power outage. This unique product is powered by your municipal water supply and requires no electricity to operate. With a compact high efficiency design, the SumpJet removes 2-Gallon of sump water per 1-Gallon used (based on 5-Foot lift). The SumpJet is fully automatic, arrives completely assembled, and comes backed with Liberty's standard 2 year warranty. The SJ10 requires an uninterrupted water source to operate.


SumpJet Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

•Protect your basement in the case of a power outage

Requires No Electricity To Operate

•Powered by your municipal water supply

•Requires an uninterrupted water source to operate

•Will NOT work with homes supplied by well pumps

How It Works

•Water under pressure will flow through the SumpJet®

•Creates a vacuum and causes the water to be drawn out

Fully Automatic Design

•Removes 2 gallons of sump water per 1 gallon used

Accepts 20 PSI up to 100PSI Inlet Supply Pressure

•Performance varies w/ inlet water source/pressure & pumping head

3/4 " NPT Water Inlet Connection & 1-1/2" Discharge

•Compatible with most residential plumbing systems

* Please Note - All output specified is based on 60 PSI (Inlet)

Brand Liberty Pumps
Weight 7.0 lb
Product Type Pump Back-Up System
Collections Liberty Pumps Tools