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Lucetta is a set of portable magnetic bicycle lights by Helsinki-based designer emanuele pizzolorusso that have been developed to stay securely in place on even the bumpiest of roads. The perfect gift for any cyclist. Consisting of two small magnetic lights, the Lucetta is easy to attach light to your bike. Each set includes one white light for the front of the bicycle, and a red light for the back. Crafted from magnets, the lights can be placed on almost any bike frame and can produce a steady beam or flashing light, depending on your preference. By attaching the light to the frame, it is automatically illuminated. Clicking it against the frame will change the setting, until you reach your desired beam. With strong magnetic pull, the small lights are tested to be stable even on the worse road. If your bike frame is not magnetic, Lucetta’s magnetic weather-resistant stickers (sold separately) can create a stable magnetic surface for the bike lights. After use, the bike lights can be pulled off the frame and clipped together for compact storage.

It is designed to take as little space as possible and to stay with other small personal objects of everyday usage – keys, mobile phone, loose change – that 'inhabit' our pockets. The object is simple; it doesn't have a technical look but a friendly feature, 'clean' and yet a bit mysterious.


  • Made up of two small magnetic lights - 1 red rear light and 1 white front light
  • Innovative design. Magnetic lights to put on your bike when going out. Reached your destination? Remove from bike and pocket until needed.
  • Choose the mode (fast or slow flashing or steady beam) simply by detaching and reattaching.
  • The set of bike lights have been developed to stay securely in place on even the bumpiest of roads
  • Requires 2 Lithium ion batteries, included

Dimensions: Stacked: 1.77" H x 0.98" Dia.; Materials: ABS plastic, magnet

Brand Palomar
SKU Lucetta Magnetic Safety Bike Light
Barcode 4260108047734
Weight 0.04 lb
Product Type Bike Light
Collections Bike Accessories Bike Lock, Bell & Lights

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