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"It's not a drinkin' problem if you've got a handle on it!"

The MyMuggie is a unique alternative to the standard drink koozie we all know and love. Instead of just wrapping your drink in some kind of foam protector, the MyMuggie adds a handle to the bottle or can of your choice, essentially turning it into a mug. This not only keeps your hands warm and away from condensation, it also keeps your drink colder for a longer amount of time! Since your warm hands never actually need to touch the cold bottle or can in question, you wont wind up accidentally warming up your drink of choice. The MyMuggie is also mildew resistant and floats in water, so no need to worry if you want to bring a drink into the pool or something similar.

  • Drinks stay colder, Longer, by keeping hands of beverage
  • Fits most 10-24oz cans and bottles
  • Floats in water
  • Mildew resistant
Brand MyMuggie
Weight 0.5 lb
Product Type Drinker
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