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The NoBendz snow shovel allows you to move snow faster without needing to bend down. NoBendz’s patented dual handle design, with adjustable length, makes snow shoveling easy!

Stand full upright and toss snow, even heavy snow, faster with no strain. The lightweight and sturdy construction are great for the whole family – even kids. Finish any job in half the time – safely and efficiently.

Will not wear out – many shovels need to replace the metal strip on the blade overtime. Not with NoBendz!

  • HEARTY, DURABLE AND WILL NOT WEAR OUT UNLIKE COMPETITIVE SHOVELS NoBendz is constructed from solid steel and rugged, lightweight HDPE plastic, the perfect combination of strength and weight
  • PATENTED TWO HANDLE ERGONOMIC SHOVEL lets you heave snow fast without bending over, causing back injuries or causing dangerous exertion stress
  • THE ONLY ADJUSTABLE LENGTH SHOVEL is perfect for adults and all body types, even kids. Adjustable length means you shovel standing upright, no bending over!
  • BACK SAVING SNOW SHOVEL lets you finish the job in half the time. The dual handles act as a fulcrum/lever letting you toss snow faster and easier with less exertion. You may look forward to the snow!
  • A PERCENTAGE OF ALL SALES GO TO CHARITIES such as Wounded Warriors, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Make a Wish, and Shriners Hospitals for Children
Brand NoBendZ
Barcode 709402141945
Weight 4.8 lb
Product Type Snow Shovel
Collections Home & Garden

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