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The Mini Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter by DOIY is a pizza cutter which is in the form of a bicycle and would make a fantastic addition to any bicyclist’s kitchen of items. This Mini Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter can make a great addition to your collection of pizza cutters that have no useful meaning to your life, similar to the way you own the round saw pizza cutter when you have never even used one on your own.

The Mini Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter will give a modern touch to your Friday nights pizza with buddies. It's like a mini version of the real Fixie bike and features double sharp cut discs. The Mini Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter by DOIY is certainly an ideal present for bicycling lovers and pizza addicts alike. It's fun bike design has twisting wheels with razor-sharp sides that slice your pizza as you roll them over it in the same way to a standard disc pizza slicer.


  • Slice pizza like a hipster
  • Stop using a flimsy unicycle to cut your pizza
  • Two cutting wheels for effortless slicing
  • Features a handy display stand
  • Available in two colors combos - blue and white
  • Made from stainless steel and aluminum
  • Hand wash
Brand Doiy
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Product Type Pizza Cutter Bicycle
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