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The ROX Wood carpentry square is an effective and efficient traditional tool for accurate angle measurements. This compact sliding T-bevel can be kept in pocket for easy access. The bevel is used as a depth gauge in many woodworking and construction tasks. With the unique end-lock mechanism, it’s really easy to use the angle finder from both sides. It’s an excellent handy tool for DIYs to take exact measurements during woodcrafts.

  • Premium Sliding T-Bevel: Our exclusive ROX Wood rosewood sliding T-Bevel is an essential carpenter’s tool for measuring, laying out and accurately checking angles.
  • Durable Construction: The aluminium construction ensures durability and accuracy of our ROXWood Sliding Bevel Gauge compared to plastic counterparts. The brass edging and brass joints are rust-resistant and scratch-resistant. Brass binding also eliminates twisting while taking precise angle or depth measurements.
  • Readable Metric Units: The 7 inch Aluminium blade features precise black gradations that are easy to read and are marked in US metric units. This makes the carpentry square a handy tool to conveniently transfer angles and measure depths. The firm blade ruler allows multiple measurements.
  • Adjustable T-Bevel: The solid aluminium tool is very easy to adjust and tighten using the thumbscrew. The bevel gauge is an adjustable gauge for setting and transferring angles. The rosewood handle is connected to metal blade with a wing nut for tightening or loosening the screw for fixating it and adjustability.
  • Multipurpose Use: The ROXWood false square or bevel is used for duplicating an existing angle or setting a desired angle along with other measuring tools such as protractor or framing square. The 7 inch sliding T-Bevel is a handy tool for angle layouts.
  • Application: The rosewood bevel square is an essential tool for woodworkers, builders, architects, engineers, craftsmen.
Brand Rox
Barcode 8699067740282
Weight 1.75 lb
Product Type Tools
Collections Rox Tools

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