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The ROX WOOD carving toolset with mallet, chisels, and pencil is a complete range of products packed into one. The 8 pieces of chisels have unique blade shapes to serve all your wood carving needs. The solid, damage-free beechwood mallet is ideal for installing objects, crushing ice, striking chisels for woodcarving, etc. The 9 inches try square allows you to take accurate measurements of lengths, diameters, and 90-degree angle square ruler measurement. Each tool is of premium quality, selectively chosen to make a carpenter’s or woodworker’s job easy as breeze.

  • All-in-One ROX Carving Toolkit: The complete ROX Wood woodworkers carving toolkit contains 8 pieces of Chisels (1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1"), red beech wood handmade mallet and handle, 9" carpenter’s try square, oil stone, and a carpenter pencil. The complete carpenters and woodworkers toolset is designed exclusively to serve all your carving, measuring, polishing, and marking needs.
  • CRV60 Chisel Blades: With the hardness of 58-62 HRC, the premium CRV60 chisel blades feature chromium-vanadium razor sharp blades, multiple cutting shapes, extra toughness and additional blade strength that’s perfect for soft wood carving such as pine, basswood, pumpkin, poplar wood. The 8 pieces chisels can fulfill all your wood carving needs whether you are an amateur or professional.
  • Extremely Safe and Durable: Constructed with red beech wood, the mallet and chisel handles are highly durable and long-lasting for carpenters and woodworkers. The tapered handle of the wooden mallet keeps the head secure, preventing it from flying off. The handmade beechwood mallet is also smooth and splinter-free.
  • Portable Woodworker Kit: The storage box adds to the safety and portability of the ROX Wood 8 Pcs carpenters wood carving kit.
  • Ergonomic Design: Woodworking is an art of patience. The ergonomic handles of chisels make woodcarving tools easy to work with. These four wood sculpting knives have lightweight, perfectly molded beech wood handles for incredible comfort and ease of use. The handle offers convenient and strong grip.
Brand Rox
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