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The Big Bag Bed Jr. is ideal for growing beans, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, sweet potatoes, beets, chili peppers, Brussels sprouts, peas and collards. - 36" diameter by 12" tall.


  • Black Color
  • Measurement is approximately 8"H x 24" Dia.
  • Circular shape allows you to reach the center from any position
  • Weatherproof and reusable. It’ll last for years!
  • Warms quickly in the spring and releases excess heat in the summer
  • Provides excellent drainage and won’t hold excess water
  • Air prunes the roots which causes a better root system. Healthy roots, healthy plant!
  • Discourages ground pests such as gophers and moles
Brand SmartPots
Weight 1.2 lb
Product Type Planting Bed
Collections Home & Garden Smart Pot