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Summit Brands DP06N-PB Disposer Care is designed and tested to clean and deodorize the garbage disposer. Lemon scented foaming garbage disposer cleaner. Cleans what home remedies & other brands cannot. Removes build-up and odors caused by food & grease. Convenient, easy to use, no mess. Use weekly to prevent build-up & odors. Disposer Care is designed for use in property working disposers. Safe for septic systems. Contains no phosphates. Made in the USA.

  • Powerful blue foaming action scrubs away food, grease, and odors, cleaning your entire garbage disposer and drain.
  • Leaves a pleasant lemon fresh scent
  • The bleach alternative formula is scientifically designed and tested to clean and deodorize your garbage disposer.
  • It is recommend to use Disposer Care cleaner once a week to help clean, freshen and maintain your disposer.


  • Please read carefully before using.
  • Disposer Care is designed for use in properly working disposers.
  • Start with turned off empty disposer. Run a strong stream of hot water into the sink (not directly into the disposer) for one minute. Reduce hot water stream to a trickle.
  • Do Not Open Packet. With Disposer Off and water still at a trickle, insert one biodegradable packet completely into the disposer. Turn on disposer. Blue cleaning foam may rise into sink or both sinks
Brand Summit Brand
Barcode 76168001517
Weight 0.31 lb
Product Type Cleaner
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