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Summit Brands Dishwasher Magic removes lime scale, iron, soap scum, grease and food stain build up from your laundry washer. Prolong the use of your washer by removing the gunk that will tangle and tear and rip apart your washer from the inside. Removes odor causing residue to make your laundry smell fresh and clean once again. Clean washers are gentler on clothes which extends clothing life. Use more frequently for strong odors or in hard water areas.

All washers including HE.
Cleans - lime, rust & build-up.
Removes - odor causing residue.
Maintains - machine performance.


  • The "Original" washing machine cleaner
  • Remove odor-causing residue
  • Easy to use. liquid formula leaves no gunk or grime behind
  • The twice concentrated, 24 fl oz formula requires less product per application
  • Works in all washers including HE
  • Maintains machine performance
  • Reduces abrasive build up harmful to laundry
  • Cleans lime, rust and build up

Directions For Use - Front And Top Load Washers: (read Entire Label Before Using).

Do Not Add Clothing Or Detergent When Using Washer Magic.

  1. Pour a small amount of Washer Magic onto a clean cloth. Wipe the rubber seal around the door until the residue is removed. Rinse thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  2. Add 1 cup (8 oz.) to the detergent drawer (front Loader) or directly into the washer tub (Top Loader). For washers with existing odor and residue problems use the entire bottle of Washer magic (24 oz.) and for Front Load washers, pour entire boittle directly into the washer tub.
  3. Run washer on "Normal" wash cycle with the hot water setting. repeat monthly or as needed to maintain a clean & fresh washer.
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