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Compared to other products by Gizmode, the Water Screamer WA03 is by far the loudest. It sounds an alarm at around 130 dB which can be heard around the house. When pipes leak or water-using machines give way and flood, the water screamer will detect even the smallest amount of moisture, before mold, mildew or serious damage can occur. It can be placed next to bath tubs, under sinks, toilets or it can be used as a flood detector in basements to notify possible flooding or leaky pipes early on. Most issues start with a small undetected leak and grow to eventually cause costly problems. Use the Water Screamer by Gizmode to dectect those leaks early on.


  • Extra loud alarm (130dB) can be heard in cabinets or anywhere in the home or workplace
  • Detects Water/Moisture before damage can occur
  • Sensor pins (4) can penetrate carpeting to make direct contact to ensure immediate detection
  • Uses standard 9-Volt battery, has 2 extra battery bays for second or third battery
  • Approximate Dimensions: 2 ½” x 4 ½” (height x diameter)
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