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Worm power is a certified organic fertilizer produced by millions of earthworms, raised under ideal conditions in an award-winning, state-of-the-art facility. In making worm power, dairy manure is converted by earthworms into safe, nutrient-dense, odor-free vermicompost that raises soil fertility and increases plant performance. Worm power shower brew bags allow home gardeners to make and feed their plants a top-quality liquid worm power fertilizer through-out the growing season. The brew bags present a no-mess, convenient, brew-it-yourself system that only requires a watering can. Use liquid worm power extract on houseplants, container gardens, seedlings, or garden beds. Deliver nutrients to plant roots by moistening soil around the plant's base or apply as a foliar spray. each mesh brew bag makes 1 gallon of liquid worm power extract. package of 5 brew bags.

    Worm Power helps plants thrive, even in demanding conditions

  • Worm Power promotes long-term soil health
  • Worm Power is OMRI approved for organic production
  • Worm Power is a Certified Organic Fertilizer Produced by Millions of Earthworms
  • Package of 5 Brew Bags
Brand Worm Power
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Product Type Organic Fertilizer
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