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Zarpax offers a quick and easy way to remove humidity in and around your home, car, caravan or boat. Zarpax attarcts excess moisture like a magnet and helps eliminate condensation, musty odors, and moisture stains. Tha absorbed water is safely retained without ever leaking out during use. When a dehumidifiying bag is full of moisture , it needs recharging, it tells you this on the special penguin indicator, which turns from blue to pink. You can regenerate it in ythe microwave, in the sun or on a rediator. After recharging the color indicator turns back to bright blue, and it is ready for use again.


  • Rechargeable Dehumidifier
  • Combat dampness, moisture stains, musty odors and condensation
  • Can be used again and again, simply regenerate them in the microwave
  • Available in three sizes

How Does it Work:

  • Immediately starts absorbing moisture
  • The indicator will gradually change color as moisture is collected
  • The indicator will turn pink when it is time to recharge your Zarpax
Brand Zarpax
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Product Type Humidity Remove
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