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Briwax Extra Fine Steel Wool is made to the highest standard for professionals and the best steel wool recommendation for waxing antiques and fine wood furniture.

It is an oil-free steel wool, crumble-resistant and an excellent choice for polishing, applying wax, smoothing a finish, adjusting the sheen of a finish, including a wax finish, or polishing and cleaning metal, brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, etc.

Sold in a single roll of 225 grams each. Cut off just the quantity you need to work with.

Grade 0000 - This very fine grade steel wool is particularly recommended for applying wax polish, cleaning and polishing.

This high quality, oil free, long filament steel wool is designed for woodworkers, both professional and amateur.

Steel Wool is available in two grades: Grade #0000 is a very fine steel wool particularly recommended for applying Briwax to clean delicate woodwork and to clean and polish metal. Grade #0 is used for stubborn dirt on woodwork and metal or use after stripping the paint to ensure a clean surface before finishing.

FINE STEEL WOOL GRADE Original Briwax Products #0000

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