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Traditional Turkish cologne now comes with assorted fragrances (below). Wear your favorite fragrance as a cologne, aftershave, a freshener and hand sanitizer. Refresh your hands, a quick-cleanse to eliminate bacteria from casual contact with dirt. No artificial dyes are used.

Three simple ingredients (ethyl alcohol, water and fragrance) are mixed together for the production of this Legendary, Traditional Turkish Cologne (Kolonya). The alcohol used in cologne is also specially produced through the fermentation of starchy substances such as grapes, potatoes, or barley. The ethyl alcohol is then mixed with distilled water until it reaches the necessary levels, after which the fragrance is added. After sitting in a tightly sealed container for seven to ten days, the mixture is transferred to its final, ready-to-use bottle.

After the Colognes are created they are captured in a splash-top bottle. With its modern designed packaging, incredible appealing scents bottled in a high quality glass containers and Splash top caps that makes to be a beautiful, attractive, visual pleasing product.


  • Keep fresh
  • Assorted fragrances
  • Contain 70% Alcohol (Non-drinkable)
  • Handy size bottle
  • Refresh anytime of the day
  • A quick cleanse to eliminate bacteria from casual contact with dirt


  • Alacati Lavender - Inspired by heavenly lavender gardens, this relaxing and calming scent was created by blending luscious, lavender with floral notes and elegant musk.
  • Amber - Sensual and mysterious, with its soft and unique harmony. Amber is an elegant cologne enriched with notes of spice and the sandalwood tree.
  • Ayvalik Olive Blossom - Collected from the olive groves of Ayvalik and produced by processing the olive flower. Prepare to be taken on a sweet ride in the unique olive groves with this light and lasting scent.
  • Bodrum Mandarin - Take a deep breath and feel the scent of tangerines that gives you refreshment, energy & happiness.
  • Cesme Lemon - Makes you feel energized with the specially chosen Cesme Lemons. The middle note of the scent opens with Cesme lemons and the leaves of the lemon tree, the aromas of lemon flower and white flowers will make you feel as if flowers have embraced your body.
  • Classic Lemon - The traditional lemon cologne, very pleasing lemon fragrance. An awakening and refreshing effect of which you will feel throughout the day.
  • Gardenia - The warmest and most beautiful appearance of white flowers is the unique smell that Gardenia has overcome freshness, so you feel alive and energetic every moment of the day.
  • Hawaii Pineapple - You will realize that the feeling of freshness fills you with the impressive pineapple scent that contains the energy of the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom - Picture yourself in a garden of Cherry Blossoms offering the full energy of spring. The magnificent scent of cherry blossoms, transforms into an enchanting aroma when enriched with fruity musk’s.
  • Jasmin - The symbol of beauty, the jasmine flower completes its elegance and simplicity with its romantic scent. Special Jasmine Cologne 400 ml - Glass Bottle is waiting for you who want to create an indispensable effect.
  • Lemon Verbena - Eyup Sabri Tuncer Verbena & Zinde Lemon Cologne will give you freshness and vitality with its youth-inducing, vibrant combination for those who want to feel the freshness of lemon, to have the velvety elegance of rose petals, to remember that it is as precious as the jewel-like verbena extracts, to live with the energy of citrus fruits that shine brightly in the sun.
  • Magnolia Flower - The magnolia flower, which has become a symbol of nature's love, is delicate and represents delicacy. It offers innovation that touches our lives from the essence of nature. Eyup Sabri Tuncer Magnolia Flower Cologne, which blends the top notes of bergamot, which gives positive life energy, with the unique scent of lily-of-the-valley, refreshes you with the cool woody scent of sandalwood. Magnolia Blossom Cologne combines its perfection with visuality with its 400 ml pet bottle and cap, as well as its packaging design. Eyup Sabri Tuncer Magnolia Flower Cologne, with the newest version of our long-established tradition, will keep you refreshed all day long after your daily care, while providing hygiene at the same time.
  • Memories - Eyup Sabri Tuncer Memories Glass Bottle Cologne 400ml Features The pure and relaxing harmony of rose and French lily of the valley is adorned with green notes at the top and sweet musks at the bottom, creating a unique symphony. Top Note: Green Leaf Notes Middle Note: Rose, Water Flowers, Lily of the Valley Base Note: Indian Grass, Sandalwood, Sweet Musk.
  • Ocean Breeze - This refreshing aroma that rises from the depths of the oceans will soothe you and your skin throughout the day. Inspired by the deep blue seas.
  • Paris Night - Paris Night Cologne 400 ml - Glass Bottle is opened with a touch of powdery flowers and surrounded by precious roses, jasmines and rich ylang-ylangs. The scent is crowned with patchouli, Indian grass, oak moss and vanilla in the base notes; It combines the quality of its contents with visuality with its modern packaging design, eye-catching new glass bottle and cap.
  • Rainforest - Close your eyes and feel the magnificent scent that blends all the abundance of nature after a warm spring rain. Opening with the freshness of citrus notes, this fragrance makes you feel the moment when the drops in the rain forest, where the oxygen reaches its peak, integrate with the soil with all its naturalness. The woody profile in the bottom notes emphasizes the depth of the fragrance and increases its permanence. Rainforest Cologne 400 ml Glass Bottle combines the quality of its contents with visuality with its modern packaging design, eye-catching new glass bottle and cap.
  • Tobacco - Inspired by the stimulating effects of tobacco, tobacco cologne is a unique and succesful fragrance creation with luxurious and elegant touches. The modern packaging desing combines the eye-cathcing new glass bottle and lid with the visual quality of its contents.
  • White Tea - Three words…Pure. Exquisite. Uncomplicated. The scents of the tea flowers that open in spring take you away to an endless tea garden.
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