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Gorilla Glue is a versatile, interior/exterior adhesive ideal for most household fixes and building projects: furniture repair, crafts, woodworking, project assembly, general repairs around the house. Gorilla Glue - 340-002

Gorilla Glue is the finest all purpose premium polyurethane wood glue available today. Gorilla Glue is environmentally friendly, incredibly strong, 100 waterproof, will not freeze, requires no mixing, does not become brittle with age and will not expand or contract in the glue joint. You can even glue up oily exotics without the kind of surface preparation required by other glues. You only need to apply Gorilla Glue to one surface, so your glue lasts twice as long. Clean up is easy and non-hardened glue may be removed with denatured alcohol, thinner or other common solvents. Gorilla Glue is 100 pure and contains no solvents or additives.


  • Incredibly strong
  • 100% waterproof
  • Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramics, foam, glass and more
  • Non-toxic
  • Pure polyurethane
  • Temperature resistant
  • Sandable, paintable and stainable
Brand Gorilla Glue
Barcode 52427500045
Weight 0.25 lb
Product Type Glue
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