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America's finest furniture polish and multi-purpose cleaner.

Milsek is different than the typical aerosol furniture polishes on the market today. These sprays contain silicone and other contaminants which actually damage wood by leaving behind a waxy build-up. Just as important, they do not CLEAN wood. What they do is spray a waxy residue onto your precious wood, which over time, accumulates in the fine lines inherent in wood. That residue actually traps dust because it cannot evaporate. That's why you see streaks on your wood with these store-bought products.

Even though wood is organic and loves moisture, it does not benefit from cleaning with soap and water. Water will damage wood as it causes swelling, warping, and staining. Whether your piece was finished with paint, lacquer, varnish, or shellac, Milsek cleans and reconditions in one easy step. You're left with a non-greasy finish that repels dust and protects wood from moisture and humidity.

Milsek Furniture Polish & Multi-Purpose Cleaner CLEANS, POLISHES, and PRESERVES your wood. Milsek contains no harmful wax or silicones. Milsek contains mineral spirits and petroleum distillates that gently clean your wood, then evaporate, and organic oil that stays behind to nourish and revitalize your wood; protecting it from drying, cracking, and sun fading and returning wood's original sheen and color. Milsek can even remove wax build-up and reverse water ring damage.


  • 12 oz. each bottle
  • Polish and clean at the same time
  • Protect wood from moisture and dry air
  • Hide scratch marks
  • Remove minor scuff marks
  • Leaves a fresh, clean scent
  • Leaves no residue or build-up
  • Remove wax build-up
Brand Milsek
SKU MIL13575-1
Barcode 20387493
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Product Type Wood Polish
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