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Traditional Aleppo soap is an additive-free soap, natural and healthy for hair and skin. Aleppo soap composed of olive oil, laurel (bay leaf) oil, manufactured materials and water only. Generally the higher the quantity of laurel oil, the better and the more expensive the soap. The proportion of laurel oil in our soap ranges from 20% to 25%.

The Aleppo Soap gives skin nourishing, softening, and refreshing. It is ideal for shaving and hair removal, excellent as cleansing cosmetic face mask, and can be used to remove the make-up. It is recommended for weak, brittle, or damaged hair. The regular use of Aleppo soap will gradually restore softness and shine also to the weakest and most treated hair. Hair will stay clean longer. It is also excellent for the personal hygiene of children and the elderly. Replacement for shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser and hand soap. Originated in Syria and recreated in Turkey.


  • Have moisturizing and emollient properties but they are mainly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
  • Ideal for shaving and hair removal, excellent as cleansing cosmetic face mask, and is recommended for weak, brittle, or damaged hair.
  • Suitable for body and washing hair.
  • Do not contain animal fat, coloring materials, perfume, acid, antioxidant, chemical or synthetic derivative.
  • Made in Turkey

Olive oil, laurel oil, water and manufactured raw materials of Aleppo soap are mixed in a bowl. The mixture is then boiled for 2 days and then it is drawn and poured on a paper which is laid over the ground. The mixture of Aleppo soap is then left to be cooled to the next day when it becomes coherent. This hardened mixture is cut with a special knife. After the mixture is hardened and cut, it is stamped with the manufacturer's identity by a manual stamp, piece by piece and. It is finished once the product matures for 1 year. Its final color comes directly from the proportion of laurel oil.

Ingredients:Olive oil, laurel oil, sodium hydroxide (extracted from sea salt), water

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