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RapidFix UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive is a scientifically designed instant bonding adhesive. The UV Adhesive has been formulated to harden instantly and the UV Bonding System has a wide range of applications.

The curing glue works on metal, wood, ceramic, glass, plastics and more. The plastic welder can also be used to repair glasses or jewelry, insulate wires, and fix leaks. It's great for arts and crafts but also heavy-duty repair work as the hardened plastic can be sanded, polished, or painted. The UV glue dries clear so it is perfect for use on glass and ceramic repairs.

The applications of this best selling plastic glue are endless. You can even use the epoxy underwater. The UV cure adhesive never dries out or hardens until you decide to cure it.


  • Bond, build, fix, fill, fasten, seal and more
  • Includes 1-10ml refill bottle
  • Won't dry out in bottle - Guaranteed at least 24 months
  • Cures in seconds
  • Makes a strong, lasting bond
  • Can be shaped, sanded, drilled, polished, and painted
  • Works with nearly all materials
  • Proudly Made in USA

Please note: The 10ml refill bottle does not come with the UV light.

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