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Robin Reed Chime Bar Musical Christmas Crackers are are traditional handmade English Christmas crackers. Get your guests to gather around and play a festive tune to celebrate the season with these Chime Bars Christmas Crackers from Robin Reed.

Bring home an old British tradition this holiday season with these lovely handmade Christmas party favors. It's a time-honored fun activity for family and friends of all ages to enjoy after Christmas dinner or festive gatherings.

Carefully handmade by using traditional methods and materials to give a quality finish — fabrics, ribbons, embellishments, glitter, and lush bows are all part of the many things that make these treats special. Each piece measures approximately 13 inches and comes in a gift box set of 6 pieces.

Party crackers are a British tradition dating back to Victorian times when a confectioner started selling sugared almonds, each with a motto and wrapped in a twisted paper package, as love tokens. This fun tradition is the perfect way to bring Christmas dinner to a close or to break the ice at a holiday get-together! An unforgettable occasion with fun and music.

One day a jet of resin from the confectioners log fire burst into flames with a loud 'crack'. Using this idea he decided to make a log shaped package that would produce a surprise bang and inside there would be an almond and a motto. It soon became a resounding favorite at parties with toys and hats added to each 'cracker'.

By the end of the century it was well established as a traditional holiday custom and now each year virtually every household in the UK has crackers. In recent years crackers have become essential ice breakers at all types of parties, dinner parties, weddings and celebrations. Place one at each place setting for decoration and then pull it open with a friend and share the fun!

About Robin Reed:

Robin Reed has been manufacturing quality Christmas and party crackers since 1975 - making it the oldest established Christmas cracker company in the UK. All of our crackers are carefully made by hand using traditional methods and materials to give a quality finish - fabrics, ribbons, embellishments, glitter and lush bows are all part of what makes Robin Reed crackers special.

Key Features:

  • MPN: 71708
  • Theme: Holiday
  • Material: Paper
  • Brand: Robin Reed
  • Features: Musical
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Weight: 2.15 Pounds
  • Occasion: Christmas
  • Type: Christmas Cracker
  • Dimensions: 2 x 13 x 2 Inches.
  • A tradition dating back to Victorian times.
  • Set of 6 party crackers comes in a gift box.
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom.
  • Wrapped in shimmery red and white paper with silver musical note design and silver bow.
  • Bring home an old British tradition this holiday season with these lovely handmade Christmas party favors.

Features of the Robin Reed 8-Piece Chime Bars Christmas Crackers includes:

  • 8 traditional Christmas crackers with a musical twist.
  • Each one contains a colorful chime bar and beater.
  • Party hats and jokes also included.
  • 13 Inch crackers in white with silver trim
  • Supplied with sheet music and a conductors baton
  • Great musical family fun

How to Orchestrate The Fun

Inside each handmade cracker you will find a different musical Chime Bar and a numbered badge which everyone should wear. Nominate someone to be the conductor who, following the simple numbered music sheet and using the enclosed baton, points at each person (depending on their badge number) to play their chime bar.

The result: Beautiful music or total chaos! If less than 8 people are present then some will need to have 2 or more different chimes to ding - but make sure you ding the right one at the right time! Robin Reed's music-themed crackers are always a big hit at the holiday table.

Brand Robin Reed
Barcode 853289007808
Weight 0.0 lb
Product Type Crackers

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