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A gentle touch for automotive and motorcycle metalwork.

Blue Wenol is an ultra soft metal polish which provides a high gloss, show quality luster to aluminum, chrome and stainless steel. Blue Wenol gives excellent protection against moisture and corrosion and preserves the shine. The favorite of auto and motorcycle enthusiasts, Blue Wenol (also called Auto Wenol) removes insects and stains from painted surfaces. Will not harm or scratch polished surfaces.

Great around the house to polish silver, chrome and brass. Today's expensive custom wheels and equipment, and the steadily increasing value of classic, custom, and specialty vehicles has created the demand for a softer, safe polishing product. ULTRA-SOFT Auto Wenol is meeting that demand.

New Auto Wenol's gentle formula takes the worry out of caring for wheels, trim, and equipment - and delivers a brilliance you don't expect from a metal polish. Use Auto Wenol sparingly (a single 100 ml tube can polish as many as 50 wheels). Apply with a SOFT polishing cloth (well-worn sweatshirt material is recommended). Rub Auto Wenol into the metal GENTLY, and then buff the clean surface to achieve a show quality shine.

For Best Results: Auto Wenol is not intended to deep clean metals, but is a gentle, true "Show Quality" metal care product. For deep cleaning and stain removal, clean metals first with Original Formula, then Polish to a true "Show Quality" shine with Ultra-Soft Auto Wenol.


  • Has a gentle touch for automotive and motorcycle metalwork
  • contains no abrasives so it won't scratch the metal as it cleans
  • leaves a clear coating of protection on treated metal that resists water, rust, and tarnishing for weeks
  • 3.98 Oz Per Tube Made in Germany
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