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Doiy Strawberry Ice Pop Socks

Fun and comfy pair of socks shaped as an icepop.

If you want to keep your feet (looking) cool, you need a pair of these funky Icepop socks. A quirky birthday present that is designed to resemble an ice-cold popsicle when packaged in the box.

Designed to be ‘one size fits all,’ you can pick up a pair without worrying about whether they’ll be a good fit. With these socks, they’re always the right size!

Perfect for anyone who loves to match fun socks with their footwear or who likes to maintain a jazzy sock collection, the Icepop Socks are comfy, durable, and, above all, incredibly cool. In fact, they’re so cool that they’re ice-cold.

One size fits all.

Material: Cotton 63%, Polyester 27%, Nylon 6%, Elastane 4%

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