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Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish by Fiddes & Sons has been specially crafted to enhance the beauty of your wooden furnishing or that sprawling wooden floor. Its application is also very easy and dries up in a matter of minutes. The finish and shine that this wax imparts to wooden articles is just of a supreme quality.


  • One tin contains 5 Litres of wax
  • Eight Color Shades
  • Must be applied only after wood has been scrubbed well with sand paper
  • Great Results on Bare/Sealed Wood
  • Toluene Free
  • Low Odor

Mixed entirely to grant a great looking coat and finish to bare or sealed wood. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish contains a blend of environmentally friendly waxes that naturally brings out the beauty of your wood. It is available in seven different colors, granting significant advantages over other toluene based polishes. Practically odor free, easy to apply and once buffed to the desired soft luster, it provides a depth of finish that is sure to revive the wood as well as protect any original patina.

Before application make sure to sand the wood in stages, starting with a medium grit sand paper to a more medium/fine grade. Sand in the direction of the grain whenever possible to ensure the removal of any blemishes and glue residue process is complete. Take care to remove all traces of sanding dust and test the chosen wax on a similar surface to verify the color.

Application: Cloth, Brush, Sponge. With the grain, wiping away excess with separate cloth

Drying time: Quick Drying, Approximately 3 minutes at room temperature

Brand Fiddes
Weight 1.4 lb
Product Type Wood Wax
Collections Fiddes Home & Garden Wood Care Wood Conditioners, Waxes & Oils

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