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Clean and restore oxidized metal with Wenol!

Wenol Red works where other metal polishes fall short. Use it on brass, copper, blank aluminum, diamond plate, silver, pewter and more! Any blank metal surface will shine like new after using Wenol Red. The polish chemically removes tarnish, stains, and rust without attacking the metal underneath. Wenol Red contains no abrasives so it won’t scratch the metal as it cleans. Available in 100 ml tube or large 1000 ml can


  • Widely used in restaurant kitchens, Wenol Polish is a trusted favorite when it comes to restoring cookware and stainless-steel surfaces to a brilliant finish.
  • The unique formula safely cleans all metals and leaves a sparkling shine - cleaning, polishing and protecting in one step.
  • Cleans and polishes all metals including brass, copper, silver, chrome, pewter and stainless steel. Just a small dab removes tough stains, oxidation and rust.
  • Proprietary blend of ingredients creates a long-lasting, water-resistant coating that protects against tarnish and rust.
  • Great for deep cleaning and restorative projects.
  • Especially good for heavily tarnished items
  • Not recommended for painted or plated metals or anodized aluminum.
  • 100ml / 3.98oz Red Tube

Note: Wenol is manufactured by the same manufacturer as the discontinued POL polish. Both products share the same formulation but have a different packaging. The many users of POL polish will find that Wenol will give the same satisfactory results. The polishing compound in Wenol is aluminum oxide.

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