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Laminate Fix

Laminate-Fix fills and repairs nicks, chips, scratches, burns, small cracks and minor imperfections in laminate surfaces, restoring the beauty of countertops, backsplashes, cabinet facings, table tops, vanities, furniture, and many other plastic laminate surfaces.


  • White
  • Repair nicks, chips, scratches, burns, small cracks and minor imperfections
  • Use on counter tops, back splashes, cabinet facings, table tops, vanities, furniture...virtually any plastic laminate surface
  • Specific matte finish and high-gloss finish color matches to Formica, Wilsonart and other brands of plastic laminate
Brand Fixture Fix
Weight 0.25 lb
Product Type Touch Up Kit
Collections Fixture Fix Home Improvement Laminate•Fix Tools

Shake and stir bottle well.

Fill the damaged area with thin, even coats, allowing two hours of drying time between each coat. Fill the fissure just to the surface - do not overfill. Do not try to fill deep gouges in one coat. It is not necessary to sand between coats.

Dry the repaired area completely for 24 hours after applying the final coat, and before final sanding and/or buffing.

Sand the repaired area very lightly to remove any imperfections, such as remaining brush marks or debris that has settled into the repair. You may use the enclosed 220-grit finishing paper, or use additional similar or finer grit paper of similar or finer grit as you deem fit. Take care not to scratch the surrounding surface when sanding.